Cape Cod Gun Safety Course

You can refuse to be a victim!

Massachusetts ranks #1 in violent crimes in New England

Violent crimes, including home invasions, are up 46% since Massachusetts passed new gun laws in 1989. People in Massachusetts have almost a 50% greater chance in becoming a victim of a violent crime than anyone else in New England. 

- G.O.A.L Newsletter

Have you lost your sense of security?

I bet the people of Watertown would have wanted a gun for protection during the manhunt (a terrorist w/ pipe bombs possibly knocking at your door). Take the first step towards a more secure home by getting your licence to carry.

The Basic Gun Safety Course

This gun safety course satisfies the requirement for the FID (Firearms Identification Card) and LTC (License to Carry). By obtaining a LTC you will also satisfy the requirement for the purchase of pepper spray.

Classroom instruction (including a 25-min DVD presentation) is approx. 3-4 hours and costs $60.

If you have never fired a gun and would like go to the range for 2 hours the cost for an individual is $100. Parties (3 persons max) will be charged $75 each.

The gun safety course will be both hands-on and lecture based and will cover proper cleaning, storage and operation of pistols and revolvers. You will learn to properly handle, load and unload pistols and revolvers and how to identify the different types of ammunition.

Classes are given for small groups Steve's home in Falmouth, Massachusetts, and also available to present his course at a community classroom etc.

Private Lessons Available


Steve offers discounted NRA memberships to people that take his gun safety course. The NRA is continuing to petition the LCL, state and federal governments for gun rights for the common people of the U.S.

20% off the Gun Safety Course for combat vets.

About your Gun Safety Course Instructor

Steven Walsh is a NRA member and Massachusetts State Police certified Firearms Safety Instructor. He is certified to instruct the following gun safety courses: Basic Pistol Safety, Personal Protection, and Home Firearm Safety.

Steve's wife is an essential oils consultant with doTerra.

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It's never to early to start when it comes to protecting your family, as shown by Steve's grandaughter (below).